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Dodge Dart 1982 belongs to the fourth generation of Dart. Compared with the previous generation, the car has a more modern design, developed by Elwood Angel. In addition, Dart received improved steering and a redesigned engine compartment, adapted to accommodate larger engines. Also, the car got a new front end, including an updated grille, wings and hood, as well as a new massive front bumper. In addition to the basic version, there were many special modifications. Among them are Swinger, Custom, Demon, a special model for the police Dart A38, sports equipment Convertriple, Hang 10, Caravan Tan, Spirit of ’76, Dart Lite, etc.

Dodge Dart 1982 The car lost the version with the body of the station wagon, but all the same the choice of modifications for the buyers was wide: a two-door sedan, a four-door sedan, a hardtop coupe, a coupe, a cabriolet. Every year, “Dart” received small changes in appearance, relating to the design of lighting and grille. On the car with a rear-wheel drive were installed in-line six-cylinder motors 2.8, 3.2, 3.7 and V8 engines with a volume of 4.5 to 7.2 liters.

Dodge Dart was manufactured in many plants of Chrysler concern (Illinois, Michigan, California, Missouri, Delaware, Canada, Colombia). It was officially exported to many countries of the world, including Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, South Africa and Australia. According to the common tradition, along with the Dodge Dart, Chrysler produced its twin Plymouth Valiant / Duster, which differed in minor details.

In 1976, the Dodge Dart was replaced with the new model based on the Chrysler-F platform. Its name was Dodge Aspen. But the Dodge Dart continues to be produced abroad. In Brazil the production lasts till 1970, in Colombia until 1977, in Argentina until 1979. The Mexican factory Chrysler produced the Dodge Dart 1982 until 1990.

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Dodge is one of America's best brand of cars, SUVs, and minivans produced by FCA US LLC. Started by the two brothers John F. and Horace E. - Dodge at the beginning of the twentieth century, Dodge has since grown to a World-class producer of amazing collection of innovatively created cars that has clearly won the hearts of many car enthusiasts around the globe.

Dodge is associated with technologically advanced vehicles with sleek designs and powerful performance on the road. Let's take Dodge Dart 1982 for example. This is one of the brands marketed by Dodge - with MSRP starting at 21 and 995 dollars, this is one of the new models introduced into the market in 2016. Among some of its innovative features that any owner can be proud of include 506 watt 9-speaker Alpine Sound System, signature racetrack tail lamp with 152 1-EDS, nine available colors to choose from, and a powerful engine among many more.

Dodge Dart 1982 has been praised by experts for a lot of reasons. It has stylish interior design with comfortable and supportive seats. There are a lot more luxury in it than just ingeniously designed seats since it also has an 8.4 inch touch screen. Amazingly still, this great piece of innovation has a MSRP starting at 29,995 dollars only.

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