Fiat Ducato 1994: Photo and Video Review

In this review we want to tell you about the Fiat Ducato 1994. See photos and video of Fiat Ducato 1994, leave your comments about this car.Fiat Ducato 1994 photo - 1

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Fiat history originated from Italy in 1899. The company was then established in USA in the year 1908. It however didn't thrive well in USA market and had to close in 1980s but reopened in 1911. Space, utility, driver-centric amenities, capability and advanced safety and security are the major features of Fiat.

Fiat automobiles are environmental friendly having recorded the lowest value of CO2 emissions from 2008.

Technologically, Fiat has also not been left behind in production of electric cars. They produced their first electrical car in 2013 but sold it at a loss in 2014.

Fiat Models comparison

Fiat has six major models, including Fiat Ducato 1994, that is, pop, easy, sport and turbo, lounge and 1957 edition-Lounge and 1957 edition of Fiat are the most secure with Rear Park Assist but has only one interior color as opposed to the rest.

All other models have similar fuel consumption of one gallon per 31 city/40 hwy with turbo having a higher rate one gallon per 28 city/34 hwy. Their prices ranges from $21 ,295 to $16,995.

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Fiat Ducato 1994 Photo - 1