Iveco Daily 2008: Photo and Video Review

Iveco Daily 2008 belongs to the fourth generation of the Daily family. However, the fourth generation is slightly different from previous versions of trucks. Updated cars get the original design. The total mass of the top version of Iveco Daily is 7500 kg. The carrying capacity is 4700 kg. The length of the wheelbase varies from 300 to 475 cm.

Daily trucks are equipped with a rear or four-wheel drive. The entire line of models is completed with diesel 4-cylinder engines. The manufacturer offers 9 variants of engines with a capacity from 106 to 205 hp. All cars can be equipped with a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission.

All Daily trucks can be devided into three classes of carrying capacity: L (light), S (medium, and most common) and C (the rear axle is equipped with a dual-wheels). All Iveco Daily models are available in several basic versions: a chassis with a cab, cars with a cab, cars with a body equipped with two rows of seats etc. Various modifications allow the maximum satisfaction of any needs in the field of urban and suburban transportation.

One of the most common options for Iveco Daily, is the Daily Cab, with a chassis cab configuration. The specialization of this commercial car depends on the class of carrying capacity, but it can reach more than 6500 kg. The main advantage of this car is its versatility, which provides a wide choice of equipment for the Daily Cab (engines, bridges, suspension options).

The next variant of Daliy is Daliy Van. This model for urban carriers is the leader in the rating of light transportation. This kind of leadership is achieved due to the exceptional strength and reliability of the frame, as well as the ease and maneuverability available only to a high-class car. Thanks to the economical fuel consumption and the almost complete absence of maintenance costs, Daliy Van is the ideal urban micro bus.

Iveco Daily 2008 is reliable and capacious as a truck, and at the same time it has the mobility, comfort and dynamism of a car. Its advantages are optimal load capacity, maximum possible body volume, excellent handling, maneuverability, versatility, environmental friendliness, original design and safety. It let the car favorably distinguish from competitors and allow you to keep the leading positions in the ranking of the best urban vans.

Iveco Daily 2008

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