Mitsubishi Eclipse 2012: Photo and Video Review

In this review we want to tell you about the Mitsubishi Eclipse 2012. See photos and video of Mitsubishi Eclipse 2012, leave your comments about this car.Mitsubishi Eclipse 2012 photo - 1

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History and interesting facts about the Mitsubishi

The origin of the Mitsubishi goes way back to 1870 when founder Yataro Iwasaki begun a shipping company with three old steamships. The company was later expanded by his brother, son and nephew during their respective terms as president. They were the ones responsible for setting the foundation for Mitsubishi firms. Later after WWI the Mitsubishi organization became Mitsubishi companies up to this day.

In 1917, Mitsubishi A-Model took its place in Japanese history as the first of mass production in passenger Mitsubishi cars. However it was not until the early 1970s that the motor giant begun building a reputation in the United States after launching the Colt under the nameplate Dodge. In 1972 Mitsubishi entered the Colt F2000 racecar and won a highly competitive open wheel grand prix.

Today Mitsubishi takes pride in being one of the biggest motor companies in the world. Among the technological milestones they've set themselves apart include: All-Wheel Control (AWC), Super Wheel Control(S-AWC), MIVEC Engine Control (MIVEC) and many more.


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Mitsubishi Eclipse 2012 Photo - 1