Peugeot 208 2000: Photo and Video Review

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Peugeot could be called the Father in the Holy Trinity of the French automobile industry (the other two being Citroen and Renault.) A company that was founded in 1810 and first started doing business as a coffee mill has come a long way since then. Today Peugeot has 200,000 employees, the production output of 1 vehicles per year and a net income of $1 billion per year within the PSA group. Some of the company's most notable models include.

Peugeot cars - Winners of the Europen Car of The Year Award:

  • 504 - In 1969
  • 505 - In 1980 
  • 205 - In 1984 
  • 408 - In 1988 
  • 406 - In 1996 
  • 206 - In 1999 
  • 307 - In 2002 
  • 308 - In 2014

Additionally, Peugeot won many other Car Of The Year awards in Ireland (for models 406 and 3008), Italy and Span.

The company's current models are: i0N, 108, 208, 301, 308, 408, 508, 508 RXH, 2008, 3008, 4008, 5008, RCZ, Bipper Tepee, Partner Tepee and Expert Tepee Peugeot.

The company was also always very active in motor-sport. In comparison to Renault and Citroen, the is a notch more premium and a notch more macho. In relation to other European automakers, it is typically French - more comfortable and refined. And in comparison to US and Asian automakers it is typically European - has a pedigree and is high-tech.

The company is not currently present on the North American market so it does not have USA price policy. Back in the 90s, Peugeot began experiencing a significant drop in sales throughout the US and Canada which forced the company to pull off from the US market. However, on 2016 Geneva Motor Show; the company officials announced that the entire PSA group is planning an unconventional three-stage come back to the US market.

Peugeot 208 2000 is high quality cars - a characteristic which they kept to this day.


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Peugeot 208 2000 Photo - 1