Suzuki Vitara 1993: Photo and Video Review

Suzuki Vitara appeared in May 1988. In Japan the car is known as Escudo, in the North American market – Sidekick, in Spain – Santana. Also, the car was produced under the brand Geo (Chevrolet) and was called Tracker. Suzuki Vitara 1993 is a real SUV.

Suzuki Vitara 1993

A fully independent suspension with coil springs, wishbones and rear shock absorbers provides the car with good driving. The car has rear-wheel drive with a rigidly connected front axle. This scheme means the use of the front drive for a short time and only on a slippery surface.

Vitara has a comfortable and comfortable salon. The dashboard is executed neatly and soundly. The controls and switches on the center console are located quite conveniently. High driver landing is the key to an excellent overview from the driver’s seat.
At the beginning the car was only produced in a short-wheelbase 3-door version (3620x1630x1670 mm). It was equipped with gasoline engine with a 1.6-liter displacement of 80 hp.

Then the five-door versions of Suzuki Vitara were produced. Their wheelbase is 280 mm longer than the three-door versions. Overall dimensions: 4125х1695х1700 mm. Also appeared a 1.6-liter 16-valve engine with a power of 97 hp. There is also an open, convertible fabric top cabriolet Suzuki Vitara. Its feature is ultra-wide tires of size 255/60 R15.

In this review we want to tell you about the Suzuki Vitara 1993. See photos and video of Suzuki Vitara 1993, leave your comments about this car.

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History of Suzuki

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese company with its headquarters in Minami-Ku, Japan. Suzuki Michio, the pioneer of the Suzuki project started off by opening the Suzuki loom works in Hamamatsu, a local village. This was in 1909. The factory made weaving looms for the entire Japanese cotton industry. For years the company was quite successful but it realized that it had to diversify in order to stay in the business. Suzuki ventured into car making in 1937, by developing a prototype. In 1952, the versatile and ingenious Suzuki built the first motorized bicycle which was inexpensive and easy to ride. The now famous "S" sign for the Suzuki Company made its first appearance in 1958. Today Suzuki Company is one of the most successful motor companies with branches in major cities of the world. They enjoy a popular reputation as a leader in motorcycle, 4WD technology, marine and compact car.

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Suzuki Vitara 1993Suzuki Vitara 1993