Toyota Noah 2002: Photo and Video Review

In early 2000th Toyota company released a series of vans with three rows of seats. One of them was Toyota Noah 2002. At the same time, more sports cars of this series appeared. They supplemented models for family use. The Noah style defines the straight lines of its body and the sliding side doors on both sides. Some modifications of the passenger door have a system of facilitating its closure.

toyota noah 2002

In Toyota Noah 2002 can accommodate 8 people on a 2-3-3 scheme. Armchairs in some trim levels are able to rotate in all directions. The advantages of the model include a compact body. Due to the fact that the type of drive changed from rear wheel drive to the front one, designers managed to make Noah lower. This means that landing and disembarkation for passengers became easier. Also expanded the functional space of the cabin, increased the trunk.

Toyota Noah 2002 is equipped with only 4-cylinder engine with the type of gas distribution DOHC and direct injection D-4. Also it has 4-speed automatic transmission. You can choose models with either a front-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive. Some versions of Noah have a suspension with electronic control.

We are really happy to present you Toyota Noah 2002.

Summary: Toyota is one of the giants of the Japanese automotive industry, which creates a true reliable cars. Among them: the cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and buses.
Recently, the car manufacturer Toyota produces more cars with hybrid engines and electric vehicles. Thereby following modern trends!

In the same review see photos and video of Toyota Noah 2002. So – go!Toyota Noah 2002 photo - 1

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Video of Toyota Noah 2002


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