Toyota RAV4 2014: Photo and Video Review

Toyota RAV4 was first introduced in 1994. During this time, succeeded to change each other three generations of this practical and reliable Japanese car. After the lapse of six years of the release of restyling models of the third generation, the auto concern Toyota has prepared a completely new line of models of the compact crossover Toyota RAV4 2014.

toyota rav4 2014

Significant changes in the technical base and appearance are visible to the naked eye. The series is represented by several engine variants, the most powerful of which is the four-cylinder engine of 180 hp. And a volume of 2.5 liters. An excellent addition to this engine will be a 6-speed automatic transmission. Also on sale are two-liter petrol engines and a 150-liter two-liter diesel unit. In addition to the above-mentioned new 6-speed automatic transmission, a six-speed manual transmission or Multidrive S can be installed.

The Toyota RAV4 2014 provides a pair of new driving modes that adjust the transmission ratio of the transmission, the engine settings, the sensitivity of the steering wheel. One of the modes provides the maximum possible fuel economy, the second – maximizes the dynamic characteristics. According to the manufacturers, the fuel consumption per 100 km of the new RAV4 will be: 9.4 liters when driving through the city and 6.3 liters on the highway.

New Toyota RAV4 2014 is characterized by high comfort, even large road bumps are completely absorbed, without giving the driver and passengers any trouble and inconvenience. In addition, manufacturers have improved the noise insulation of the passenger compartment, which undoubtedly affected the convenience of the car.

Significant changes have also taken place in the external appearance of RAV4. The body design became more emotional and expressive, acquired a certain share of aggression. The chrome grille and fang-like features of the front bumper give the model a courageous, memorable look.

The interior bacame ergonomic and modern. However, it was not possible to completely get rid of hard plastic – it can be seen even on the door armrests. The control keys are large and informative. To adjust the climate control, convenient rotary switches are installed. The seats have become noticeably firmer and they keep the human body better during movement.

The maximum volume of the luggage compartment in the Toyota RAV4 2014, which is achieved when the rear seats are folded, is 2,078 liters. It provides a niche for storing a spare wheel.

We are really happy to present you Toyota RAV4 2014.

Summary: Toyota is one of the giants of the Japanese automotive industry, which creates a true reliable cars. Among them: the cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and buses.
Recently, the car manufacturer Toyota produces more cars with hybrid engines and electric vehicles. Thereby following modern trends!

In the same review see photos and video of Toyota RAV4 2014. So – go!

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Video of Toyota RAV4 2014


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