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Aion Hyper Ht Crossover With Seagull Wings Has Been Prepared

The Chinese concern GAC brings a new electric crossover Aion Hyper HT to the Chinese market. It became the third model in the Hyper-family of the Aion subsidiary brand and formed the company of the powerful Hyper GT sedan and the small-scale Hyper SSR coupe. Although the crossover turned out to be not so crazy anymore.

Aion Hyper HT is positioned by the manufacturer as a family crossover of the premium segment. The car has a streamlined coupe-like silhouette with a sloping roof and rounded shapes. Thanks to the good proportions, the SUV does not look big in the illustrations, but in fact it is comparable in size to the BMW X6. Length — 4935 mm, width — 1920 mm, and height — 1700 mm. Although the wheelbase is far from a record for such dimensions: 2935 mm versus 2975 mm for the same “x-sixth”. The wheels are 19 or 20 inches in diameter.

The main feature of the car is the lifting rear doors of the “seagull wing” type, which open together with the roof sections. The solution is clearly peeped at Tesla Model X, however, the doors of the Chinese car are devoid of additional hinges and cannot “fold” in conditions of tight parking, as is done at Tesla. In addition, Aion Hyper HT has lifting doors only in the top version. All other options have the usual swing door mechanisms, and the roof is solid.

The interior of the new model is almost identical to the interior of the Hyper GT sedan: a large monitor of the head unit on the front panel, almost complete absence of physical keys, as well as a dashboard screen attributed almost to the base of the windshield. The doors are unlocked from the inside with buttons, and on the central tunnel there is the usual wireless charging for two gadgets for almost all modern Chinese cars.

The salon has ample opportunities for a “comfortable” transformation. A folding table is installed on the back of the driver’s seat, and a footrest for the rear rider is fixed from the rear of the passenger seat. In addition, the front passenger seat can be laid out in a chaise longue. The trunk volume ranges from 670 liters under the shelf to 1802 liters with a folded back sofa. There is also a front trunk, but quite modest — 55 liters.

The Aion Hyper HT is built on the AEP 3.0 platform developed specifically for electric vehicles, which has not only a pedigree chassis (double wishbones in front, a multi-link in the rear), but also provides a variety of electronic auxiliary systems. For example, the crossover has three lidars and several autopilot cameras, which the Chinese designate as a “level 2++” assistant.

So far, the Aion Hyper HT is presented only in rear-wheel drive versions with one electric motor. But still there is a choice of three modifications. The basic crossover is a return of 245 hp and 355 Nm, acceleration to “hundreds” in 6.8 seconds and a range of 600 km according to the optimistic CLTC cycle (battery capacity is not specified). The average version has a different electric motor (340 hp, 430 Nm) and a battery with a capacity of 80 kWh, gains 100 km /h in 5.8 seconds, and the power reserve reaches 670 km. Finally, the top version is equipped with the same electric motor, but due to the increased battery (the indicator is not specified) it can travel up to 770 km, and the acceleration time to “hundreds” has increased to 6.2 s. All modifications have the same maximum speed of 183 km/h.

It is expected that Aion Hyper HT crossovers will be sold in China before the end of autumn. So far, only the starting price has been announced: 220 thousand yuan or 2.8 million rubles in direct translation at the current exchange rate.

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