Ford Motor Company is an American automobile company that produces cars of Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, trucks, various agricultural machinery. Headquartered in Diborne, Michigan, USA.
Henry Ford founded the company in 1903. The company was located in the building of a small factory that had previously produced carriages. The company’s assets consisted of tools, machines, instructions, drawings, patents, several models and $ 28,000 in cash, provided by 12 investors. In the same year, exports of cars to the UK began. In 1919, the company was completely taken over by Henry Ford and his son Edsel, who later succeeded his father as president.
Today Ford Motor Company has its production, assembly and trade centers in 30 countries. The company annually produces millions of cars, trucks and tractors and is the leader in car sales outside of North America. This famous company sells more than 70 different models of machines around the world.