Chevrolet Astra 2002

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Chevrolet Astra 2002 is a well-known car in the countries of Latin America. In Europe, this car was sold under the name of Opel Astra. The predecessor of the model was Chevrolet Kadett. Exterior of the car – swift and at the same time smooth body shapes, narrow grille, unique headlamps of the original shape. Steering wheel is three-spoke, instrument panel is multi-informative, soft finish has nice dark blue hue.

Chevrolet Astra 2002 Chevrolet Astra 2002 differs excellent aerodynamics. Coefficient of drag Cx is only 0.29. Ruggedness of the body has increased. Note also that the body uses about 20 grades of steel. The car is distinguished by excellent anti-corrosion resistance.
Safety is provided by seat belts and four pillows – two front and two side, hidden in the backs of the front seats.

The pedal unit is similar in construction to that of the Opel Vectra. If the deformation touches the pedals on impact, they do not move, but simply fall off: the brackets crumble and “release” the pedals. The interior space of the cabin is quite enough for comfortable accommodation of five passengers. On the car could be installed one of three gasoline engines in volume 1.6; 1.8 and 2.2 liters.

Welcome! We want to present Chevrolet Astra 2002. This legendary car name plays an important role speaking about the car making industry of the USA. Chevrolet always catches people’s attention with its notable design. The cars of this manufacturer are made according to the safety standards worldwide.

Chevrolet Astra 2002 is reliable and reasonable offer. Besides, the car provides a really good driving performance.

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