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Ford Mustang 1947

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Ford Mustang 1947 is a car that was destined to become one of the most successful and revered in the Ford range. During the project engineering of the car it wore the name Cougar. The name Mustang appeared already before the launch in mass production, for the similarity of the model with the P-31 Mustang fighter of the war times. The emblem in the form of a galloping horse appeared a little bit later, based on the name of the car.

Ford Mustang 1947 looked great. It was low, sporty, with a long hood and a sharply chopped rear end. Americans liked its shape. For the sake of justice, we should say that the Europeans also accepted the Mustang. The car conquered the inhabitants of the Old World with a powerful engine, stylish design and affordable price.

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Ford Mustang 1947 photo - 2

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Video of Ford Mustang 1947

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