Honda Edix 2014

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Honda Edix 2014 is one of the many minivans from Honda family. As demand generates supply, such a variety is quite acceptable.
The car accommodates six passengers, thanks to the presence of the middle seat, which, depending on the situation, can become a table or an additional chair. From the first seconds in the car your child will likes it.

The car Honda Edix 2014 was produced with both left and right-hand drive. The steering wheel has an adaptive electric booster, adjustment (height and inclination), as well as a leather trim. The sensors automatically correct the car movement and inform the driver. The car has electric drives of mirrors, hatch, glasses, front seats. This gives the driver the ability to focus on the road and not be distracted by raising the windows or opening the hatch.

Technical characteristics of Honda Edix 2014

Honda Edix 2014 has engines of 1.7 liters and 2 liters. Both variants of engines can work with a full drive. In horsepower, the power is distributed between the units, respectively, 130 and 159. The first type of unit will accelerate the car up to 180 km / h, and the second – up to 220 km / h.

Honda Unidx 2014 has a rather high landing, which is very advantageous when controlling the traffic situation. The equipment is worthy of the level of a well-known brand, starting from a folding ignition key to eight airbags.

Electronic traffic assistants are systems of traffic stability, parking, cruise and climate control. And not only the car itself is under the all-seeing of the electronic system. Also it is possible to stabilize the movement of the trailer (TSA).

In this review we want to tell you about the Honda Edix 2014. See photos and video of Honda Edix 2014, leave your comments about this car.
Honda Edix 2014
Honda Edix 2014 photo - 2

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