Jeep CJ5 1980

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Since 2008 the most popular in America and in most European countries SUV Jeep CJ5 1980 is offered with a brand-new V8 engine, a volume of 4.7 liters, a capacity of 235 hp. This engine comes complete with a 5-speed automatic transmission. This is a very comfortable and even luxurious 5-door, 5-seater all-wheel drive car. The Jeep CJ5 1980 is equipped with an interesting Quadra-Drive system. If one of the wheels stalled, it suspends and the traction is transferred to the others, which have not yet lost grip on the ground. This system is completely mechanical and does not require driver intervention.

Jeep CJ5 1980

Another very interesting system: the minicomputer Vehicle Information Center with the HomeLink® system, with which you can control the garage doors and even the home security system. A minicomputer can communicate with you in 5 languages ​​available to it and can perform useful functions. It locks all doors at speeds exceeding 15 mph, and unlocks them when stopped (or when the driver’s door is opened). He remembers all the settings of the mirrors, the driver’s seat, the settings of the radio for several drivers. You can leave the lights of your car on for a while, so that you can reach the doorstep of the house. Remembering your preferences, can remind you of the need to visit the service station, report on the resulting fuel, can pull back the driver’s seat when the key is removed from the ignition. Completely updated Jeep CJ5 1980 – one of the best all-wheel drive cars, besides possessing uncommon dynamics.

Jeep is a division of the American concern Chrysler, which produces off-road vehicles of the Jeep brand. Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.
The American engineer and industrialist Herrington is considered the creator of “jeep” type cars. After the First World War, he worked in France on the creation of off-road vehicles. He carried out experiments on 4 and 6-wheeled trucks in collaboration with the company Marmont Motor from Indianapolis, Indiana. The car created by him was given the English name jeep. This is the GP reduction from the general purpose, which means “general purpose”). The car was widely used in Allied armies during the Second World War, deserving recognition for its maneuverability, maneuverability and simplicity of design.

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Exterior of Jeep CJ5 1980

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