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Mercedes 1995 belongs to E-class. This is a series of cars of the upper middle class. The model was first launched in 1984. Five generations of cars were replaced before the apearence of new E-class in 1995. It was really surprising with its fundamentally new “four-eye” muzzle. So, as a result of the next upgrade of the “W124” model in late 1993, the first E-class appeared, which is still quite a prestigious car. At that time, a new indexation of all Mercedes-Benz cars was introduced. Instead of “200E”, “220E” and so on, came the more modern “E200”, “E220”, “E280” … The letter ahead denotes the E-class, and the subsequent figures – engine capacity.

Mercedes 1995
Mercedes cars initially are very expensive, but at the same time they are very strong and hardy. E-class exists in several bodies. First of all – it’s “sedans”, prevailing in the used car market. Station wagon (Touring) is the best option for practical people.
Retaining all the advantages of the sedan, the station wagon has its own advantages. It is a large useful volume of the saloon, which is up to 2180 liters with folded rear (middle) row of seats. In its trunk can be installed an additional 2 seats. Then the total number of seats reaches seven.

The model retained a unique rear hydraulic suspension with automatic swap to maintain an unchanged level of the rear of the body above the road. In Mercedes program the station wagon is designated with the letter “T” after the digits, for example, “E280T”. This is one of the most roomy station wagons in its class.

Mercedes-Benz is a German company specializing in the production of passenger cars and engines. It was founded in 1926.

In this review we want to tell you about the Mercedes 1995. See photos and video of Mercedes 1995, leave your comments about this car.

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