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The Livan S6 Pro sedan and the Livan X6 Pro crossover have arrived in Russia

The company Livan, part of the Geely concern, showed two new models for the Russian market: the raised hatchback X3 Pro was joined by the sedan Livan S6 Pro and the crossover Livan X6 Pro. However, both machines are not new developments. The sedan is a redesigned and upgraded Geely Emgrand GL model of 2016, and the history of the SUV is much richer. Back in 2012, the Geely Emgrand X7 was introduced, which has gone through… five facelifts and is now known in China under the name Geely Vision X6 Pro. In fact, the Livan X6 Pro is the sixth upgrade of the X—seventh, which was once sold here.

From the outside, the new Livan S6 Pro differs from the source by a different design of the front and stern (the characteristic relief of the sidewalls is preserved). The sedan has 4730 mm in length, 1818 mm in width and 1480 mm in height, the wheelbase is 2702 mm, that is, it is slightly larger than the usual Kia Cerato or Hyundai Elantra models. Despite the streamlined body profile, the aerodynamic drag coefficient Cx is far from a record (0.30). The ground clearance is 150 mm, the volume of the luggage compartment is 418 liters.

The Livan X6 Pro crossover has fewer changes in appearance: it differs from the donor Geely with a front bumper and a radiator grille. The optics are the same, and the design of the stern is completely identical to the Vision X6 Pro model in its latest iteration. Length — 4535 mm, width — 1845 mm, height — 1725 mm. The wheelbase is 2683 mm. Clearance — 190 mm. The trunk volume is only 359 liters.

Sedan and crossover have almost the same interior design. Three screens were placed on a single capless panel at once! Two 12.3 inches each (dashboard and media system), as well as a small 4.2-inch display with “hot keys” for the passenger. The transmission selector is located on the central tunnel, and there are many analog keys on the steering wheel. Both cars have sports-style front seats with integrated headrests.

Livan X6 Pro

The technical component of the machines is also identical. The sedan and crossover have a turbocharger 1.5 with direct injection, offered in two boost options: 147 hp and 270 Nm, as well as 180 hp and 290 Nm. Dynamic indicators are as follows: from zero to “hundreds”, a sedan can accelerate in 8.8 or 8.4 seconds, respectively, and a crossover in 9.9 and 9.2 seconds, respectively. The gearbox is the same for all versions — it is a preselective “robot” with two clutches in an oil bath. Front-wheel drive only: even the crossover does not have a 4×4 version, although it has an independent rear suspension. The sedan is content with a “beam”.

Livan S6 Pro and Livan X6 Pro will be offered in three trim levels, which, despite the same names, have a slightly different list of equipment. Let’s start with the S6 Pro sedan. In the initial configuration of Luxury, it has four airbags, LED headlights, simple air conditioning, heated front seats, cruise control, sunroof, blind spot monitoring system and rear view camera. Such a sedan costs 2 million 549 thousand rubles. The second oldest Premium performance line includes six airbags, climate control, an all-round view system and electric adjustment of the driver’s seat, it is estimated at 2 million 639 thousand rubles. The top version of the Flagship differs only in the boosted engine and costs 2 million 749 thousand rubles.

The Livan X6 Pro crossover in the base is equipped with two airbags, climate control, a sunroof, a driver’s seat with mechanical adjustment and an audio system with four speakers. You will have to pay 2 million 629 thousand rubles for it. The Premium version boasts six airbags, a panoramic roof, electric adjustment of the driver’s seat and six speakers, and costs 2 million 739 thousand rubles. The same SUV, but with a 180-horsepower engine will cost 2 million 829 thousand rubles. Sales of both models will begin in the near future.

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