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The Restyled Kia Carnival Minivan Has Been Completely Declassified

Kia published the first images of the updated Carnival minivan at the end of October, but it was only a seed. A full presentation was held in South Korea just now. And now all the details of the modernization have become known, including innovations in the interior and technical content.

The designers decided to develop the concept of “crosswen”, set during the premiere of the current model in 2020. Carnival has acquired a completely new front and stern: an enlarged radiator grille, vertical headlights, taillights with horizontal sections, plus changed bumpers, trunk door and wheel design. All this is designed to add brutality to the minivan and take it away from the stereotypical image of a boring family “bus”.

The evolution of the interior followed the same path as the Kia Sorento crossover. The dual screens of the instrument panel and multimedia system retained their size (12.3 inches each), but acquired a slight bend, and the visor disappeared from the instrument panel. The entire multimedia complex now operates under the control of fresh software with the function of updating “over the air”.

A new climate control unit has appeared, which has lost most of the physical keys. The emergency button is now located between the ventilation deflectors, all the decorative lining materials have been revised, there is more glossy black plastic. A box with the possibility of disinfection of personal belongings with ultraviolet rays appeared on the center console.

The list of options is expanded with contour illumination, a fingerprint scanner and a projection display enlarged to 11 inches. The Ergo Motion driver’s seat has become available for ordering. New shock absorbers and an increased amount of noise-insulating materials should also contribute to increased comfort on trips. The complex of electronic driver assistants has been supplemented with the Highway Driving Assist system of the second generation. This is an adaptive cruise control with a lane-keeping system, and compared to the first generation of the system, there is a function of assistance in rebuilding.

The main technical innovation was the appearance of a hybrid version. It has a 1.6 petrol turbocharger (180 hp, 265 Nm) and a six-speed “automatic”, which has a traction electric motor (73 hp, 304 Nm) built into it. The combined output of the power plant is 245 hp and 367 Nm. The declared average fuel consumption is only 7.1 liters/ 100 km in a favorable driving mode, while the 72—liter fuel tank is preserved.

The old engines remained in service. This is a gasoline atmospheric V6 3.5 GDI (294 hp, 355 Nm) and a four-cylinder turbodiesel 2.2, although its output is slightly reduced (194 hp, 441 Nm). Both work in tandem with a traditional eight-speed “automatic”. Front-wheel drive only: to create an all-wheel drive version of the Carnival, a redesign of the bottom is required.

The updated Kia Carnival can already be ordered in South Korea. There, prices start at 34.7 million won ($26,400), and 64.9 million won ($49,400) are asked for a luxury top-end version of the Carnival Hi Limousine with a high roof and a four-seat cabin.

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