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An Updated Genesis G80 Sedan Is Shown In Korea

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The second generation of the Korean Genesis G80 sedan appeared in the spring of 2020, and now, three and a half years later, it’s time for a planned facelift. It was carried out according to the same scenario as the recently updated Genesis GV80 crossover: the four-door has acquired a neatly updated appearance and a more modern interior architecture.

In general, the exterior in the corporate style of Athletic Elegance has been preserved. The changes are in the details. The most noticeable is the radiator grille with double diagonal bars that form a three-dimensional pattern. Vertical decorative slots appeared in the front bumper instead of horizontal chrome strips. The characteristic two-tiered headlights are now made using the Micro Lens Array matrix technology, which provides a greater luminous flux while reducing the size of the light sources.

At the back, the main innovation was the exhaust pipes hidden in the latest fashion. The new bumper is now decorated with V-shaped decorative elements that echo the grille. There are new 20-inch wheels, whose design is inspired by airplane propellers. The palette of ten body colors has been replenished with a new shade of Brooklyn Brown.

The most extensive changes are hidden in the cabin, where a completely new front panel has appeared. She tried on the now fashionable architecture with a single plane of instrument screens and a media system. Only, unlike most cars with two separate displays, the Genesis G80, following the GV80 crossover, really gained one widescreen OLED screen with a diagonal of 27 inches. The ventilation deflectors have moved slightly lower, the steering wheel, center console and tunnel casing have been changed, although a rotating washer is still responsible for controlling the transmission.

At the same time, the more aggressive Genesis G80 Sport has been updated. It has a radiator grille with larger cells, enlarged air intakes in the front bumper and a diffuser at the stern. The interior has a carbon fiber finish with a red or silver tint, as well as a steering wheel with a truncated rim.

Nothing is known about the changes under the hood yet. But even before the restyling, the turbodiesel 2.2 (210 hp) disappeared from the Korean configurator. Now even the pre-reform Genesis G80 offers only gasoline turbo engines 2.5 (304 hp) and 3.5 (380 hp), plus there is an electric version of the G80 Electrified (370 hp). Technical specifications of the updated machines will be published at the start of sales which will take place before the end of the year.

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