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BMW 135i 2010

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BMW 135i 2010 is the dream of the bulk of city residents. This compact, comfortable and dynamic car, capable of delivering “pleasure driving” and provide… Read More »BMW 135i 2010

BMW 330Ci 2004 Photo - 1

BMW 330Ci 2004

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In all markets, the BMW 330Ci 2004 had a huge success. Manufacturers looked up to this model when developing new cars of the middle class. Coupe… Read More »BMW 330Ci 2004

BMW M3 1990 Photo - 1

BMW M3 1990

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BMW M3 1990 is an improved version of the BMW 3 Series sports coupe. Excellent dynamics and honed sporty handling combine in this car with… Read More »BMW M3 1990

BMW M5 1993 Photo - 1

BMW M5 1993

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BMW M5 1993 – super-powerful and high-speed variant of the 5 Series. In the late seventies, the legendary BMW M1 was developed. It was a… Read More »BMW M5 1993

BMW 320d 2004 Photo - 1

BMW 320d 2004

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BMW 320d 2004 externally resembles the “senior” 5th series. Interior trim and seats are good. The cabin is equipped with six auxiliary airbags. The ergonomics… Read More »BMW 320d 2004

BMW 128i 2015 Photo - 1

BMW 128i 2015

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BMW 128i 2015 is a hatchback of “C” class. The world premiere of the model took place in the framework of the Geneva Motor Show… Read More »BMW 128i 2015

BMW 540i 1995 Photo - 1

BMW 540i 1995

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The BMW 540i 1995 is like a werewolf – under its respectable hide lies a wild beast. Bavarian motor plants (Bayerische Motoren Werke) is a… Read More »BMW 540i 1995

BMW 318i 1992

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Exterior Today we will tell you about the BMW 318i 1992. Even now, sixteen years after its debut, this sedan looks modern. Rounded body shapes… Read More »BMW 318i 1992

BMW 530i 1999

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The aggressive and assertive style of the BMW 530i 1999 earned a lot of flattering reviews on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The headlights,… Read More »BMW 530i 1999