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Today we will tell you about the BMW 318i 1992. Even now, sixteen years after its debut, this sedan looks modern. Rounded body shapes are very far from the canons adopted for the BMW design of the eighties and nineties.

However, the stylists of the company managed to combine modernity with the eternal values ​​of BMW – energy and aggressiveness. The appearance of the BMW 318i 1992 can be called harmonious and complete.

BMW 318i 1992


The interior of BMW 318i 1992 may seem tight. But, being behind the wheel, I perceived this as a hint of sportiness. A narrow seat, tightly grasped my body, a strongly inclined windshield, a compact arrangement of controls – all this creates an atmosphere of the cockpit of a racing car. By the way, BMW cars of the third series for many years are at the leading positions in European championships in highway and ring races.

The rear sofa is formally listed as a three-seater, but only two adults can comfortably sit on it. They will have enough room for length, width and height. Only a very tall person, perhaps, will rest on the knees in the back of the front seat and the back of the head in the ceiling.


Managing the sedan 318i, as well as all BMW cars, is interesting and venturesome. The four-cylinder engine, having not the most impressive working volume, very briskly responds to the pressing of the gas pedal. This motor literally emits energy. But especially brightly the character of this power unit is felt when it reaches 2,000 rpm.

The pleasure of driving a BMW 318i 1992, in addition to excellent engine performance, is further compounded by several factors. This is an excellent job of steering, braking and clear gear shifting.

The characteristics of the undercarriage of the BMW 318i 1992 perfectly match the driver’s overall driver character. All four wheels almost always have reliable contact with asphalt providing excellent handling. The chassis elements do not allow either lateral or longitudinal swinging of the body. A smooth ride is also good. On bad roads on the BMW 318i you need to drive especially carefully, looking ahead. At such times, the desire to travel on the flat asphalt is aggravated and you want again to enjoy the dynamics and controllability of the BMW 318i 1992.

The Bavarian company BMW was established in 1916. Today it is a world-famous producer of passenger and sport cars of different classes, for example BMW 318i 1992. The BMW car family consists of popular off-roads, luxury sedans, business-class vehicles, sport coupes and roadsters, along with compact and mid-size sedans, station wagons or hatchbacks. The BMW vehicles are known for their true German reliability and longevity.

This review deals with BMW 318i 1992. See photos, video of BMW 318i 1992 on the website LookAtTheCar.org.


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