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The aggressive and assertive style of the BMW 530i 1999 earned a lot of flattering reviews on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The headlights, hidden under the narrow fairings, the elegant rear with a powerful rack and, of course, the branded “nostrils” of the falshradiator grille indicate the nature of the car. The body became a little wider, which provided him with shorter overhangs. Plus, the body has added to the rigidity. This not only increased safety, but also improved handling. Nevertheless, he did not become heavier, although he remained steel. Aluminum is widely embedded in the suspension design.

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Directing levers, steering rods, stamped subframes of front and rear suspensions, pillars of shock absorbers are made from aluminium. In addition, external shock absorber pipes, brake calipers and, of course, wheel rims are also made from aluminium. The weight of the suspension has decreased by 36% and, as a result, the work and comfort have improved. The use of aluminum allows not only to reduce the mass of the car by about a third, but also to reuse the materials of the worked-out car. The design of the rear suspension brings to perfection the excellent behavior of the car on the road.

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The interior of the BMW 530i 1999 is in traditional style. The driver’s seat is a model of ergonomics. Comfort of passengers in the back seat is facilitated by an increase in the wheelbase by 70 mm.
Under the hood of the BMW 530i 1999 there were big changes. The 6-cylinder engines got the control of both camshafts with Double-VANOS system and 8-cylinder got VANOS system for the intake valves and the two-stage catalytic converters of the exhaust gases. In addition to reducing the toxicity of the exhaust, an increase in torque has been achieved and fuel efficiency has increased.

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The Bavarian company BMW was established in 1916. Today it is a world-famous producer of passenger and sport cars of different classes, for example BMW 530i 1999. The BMW car family consists of popular off-roads, luxury sedans, business-class vehicles, sport coupes and roadsters, along with compact and mid-size sedans, station wagons or hatchbacks. The BMW vehicles are known for their true German reliability and longevity. This review deals with BMW 530i 1999. See photos, video of BMW 530i 1999 on the website LookAtTheCar.orgBMW 530i 1999 photo - 8   BMW 530i 1999 photo - 10

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