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BMW 540i 1995

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The BMW 540i 1995 is like a werewolf – under its respectable hide lies a wild beast. Bavarian motor plants (Bayerische Motoren Werke) is a full name German company BMW. Its engineers have long proven that they can create beautiful cars, and their main thing is the in-line six-cylinder engines.

BMW 540i 1995

Engine BMW 540i volume of 3 982 cc. develops a power of 286 hp. Gearbox is automatic. Among the options can be noted a full electropackage, which includes electric drives for adjusting the front seats and climate control.

BMW cars have always been distinguished by strict, without frills, but always modern design. It is still a fast-moving and dynamic car. A set of aerodynamic details located on bumpers and rapids successfully emphasizes the silhouette of the car.

The leather seat with excellent lateral support clearly fixes the driver’s body. A reclining armrest creates the comfort of a home chair. With the help of the electric drive it is easy to choose a comfortable pose.

The massive front panel of the cabin is deployed to the driver. The instrument panel displays only the minimum information required, which does not overload the driver and does not distract from control.

There is a speedometer, a tachometer, fuel level indicators and coolant temperature. Also there is a traditional for all BMW index of instant fuel consumption, located under the scale of the tachometer. Information on the consumption of gasoline can not be overestimated, because the four-liter V8 hardly has a bad appetite.

Window control buttons located between the front seats. To find them by touch is very difficult, a habit is required.

Rear passengers can also be arranged very comfortably. If there are only two of them, a huge central armrest with cupholders and a capacious glove compartment will be at their disposal.

A powerful engine easily disperses a heavy car, and the automatic transmission works as if the stepless variator is working in conjunction with the engine. Moments of gear changes are visible only on the tachometer.

The acceleration is smooth and powerful. The stock of traction is more than enough in all modes of motion. You can comfortable stay in a city traffic jam and with pleasure to come off on all bend on a country highway.

Suspension transfers to the body only impacts from large pits and joints of asphalt with sharp straight edges. On an uneven primer there is a small swinging of the body, but it does not cause any discomfort.

When the air conditioner is turned on and all windows are closed there is peace and quiet inside BMW 540i 1995. Sounds from the engine almost do not come to the salon, and it’s a pity. Outside, this deep juicy roar is heard well, and it can not but rejoice the ears of the true connoisseur of the cars created by BMW.

Power steering settings provide ease of rotation only at speeds close to zero. In all other modes, the steering wheel requires strong actions.

In BMW 540i 1995 you can enjoy a high level of comfort. If necessary, the engine can provide a sharp acceleration, for example, to complete overtaking.

BMW 540i 1995 photo - 6

However, the BMW 540i is like a werewolf – under its respectable hide is a wild beast. You can awaken it by pressing the wide button located to the left of the gearshift lever.

Now pressing the gas pedal leads to a sharp increase in the speed of V8 engine and a lightning-fast car roll forward. In this mode, it seems that a rigid connection has appeared between the crankshaft of the engine and the driving wheels.

BMW 540i 1995 photo - 8

Dynamics of acceleration is felt by every cell of the body, a person is merging with the machine. At the same time, controllability is ideal: the tires and the suspension provide excellent stability on the road, and the steering and braking mechanisms are an unquestioning obedience to the driver’s commands. It’s close to the feeling of permissiveness. And you are invincible.

The Bavarian company BMW was established in 1916. Today it is a world-famous producer of passenger and sport cars of different classes, for example BMW 540i 1995. The BMW car family consists of popular off-roads, luxury sedans, business-class vehicles, sport coupes and roadsters, along with compact and mid-size sedans, station wagons or hatchbacks. The BMW vehicles are known for their true German reliability and longevity.

This review deals with BMW 540i 1995. See photos, video of BMW 540i 1995 on the website LookAtTheCar.org.

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