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Avtovaz Returned Abs And Euro-5 Engines To The Fields

Last year, both Fields (Legend and Travel) lost a considerable number of useful systems and options. In order to restore production as quickly as possible, it was decided to start producing simplified machines. Since then, AVTOVAZ has gradually returned the lost options and amenities to the Fields, and now another important step has been taken in this direction. The fields of both generations have regained the anti-lock braking system and Euro-5 environmental standard engines instead of Euro-2.

The return to the fifth environmental class took place thanks to the new engine control unit. The fields with the new blocks were subjected to a full cycle of tests, including low-temperature and mining tests, as well as electromagnetic compatibility checks. It is stated that the new electronic engine control unit was developed in Russia.

ABS supplies the Pegasus plant from Kostroma, although the system itself is of Chinese origin. In addition, cruise control with a speed limiter function, an on-board computer, constant illumination of the instrument cluster and two-color alloy wheels appeared in the top versions of the Lada Niva Travel model.

ABS and Euro-5 engines were included in the standard equipment of two models — and this was reflected in prices. If until now Lada Niva Legend cost from 830 thousand rubles, then with the new equipment — from 927,500 rubles! The increase in Niva Travel is not so noticeable: now from 1215,500 rubles instead of 1198,900 rubles earlier.

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