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Avtovaz: Vesta Sportline On Sale And Price Increase

AVTOVAZ announced the start of sales of the Lada Vesta Sportline model. We have already told you how it differs from the usual Vesta and, most importantly, from the full-fledged Vesta Sport, the production of which has not yet been resumed. In short: The Sportline has a boosted 1.6 engine (118 hp, 151 Nm) from the revived Granta Sport, an understated suspension according to the Vesta Sport recipe, 17-inch wheels on five studs, as well as a “sporty” decor outside and in the cabin. The sedan can accelerate to “hundreds” in 10.9 seconds, the maximum speed is 190 km / h.

The equipment of the Sportline version is almost the same as that of the usual Vesta in the Techno configuration. It includes two airbags, ABS, air conditioning, virtual appliances (Yandex can be displayed on the screen.Navigator), the Enjoy Vision Pro media system with a portrait display (10.4 inches), eight speakers of the audio system and a rear-view camera. But side airbags are excluded from the list, although they are in the Techno configuration. There are only two body colors to choose from — white and black.

Vesta Sportline has become the most expensive Lada in today’s range: the recommended price of a sedan is 2 million 176 thousand rubles! And for a Black package with black decor (wheels, spoiler, pads, emblems are painted in this color), you need to pay another 30 thousand. The price of the station wagon has not yet been named, it will enter the market later. And the first batch of sedans will be sold only through a special dealer of the Lada Sport division in St. Petersburg, as well as on credit through online sales.

At the same time, AVTOVAZ noticeably raised prices for other Modes, although they have not changed in the initial versions. Almost all Lada Grant sedans and liftbacks have risen in price by 64 thousand rubles. For example, a sedan in the second-oldest Classic configuration with one airbag, but without ABS and air conditioning, now costs 800 thousand rubles instead of the previous 736 thousand. Cross Grant station wagons have risen in price even more — by 79 thousand rubles. And the Drive Active and Sport versions have added 84 thousand rubles in price. For example, the most expensive Sports Grant with a liftback body is estimated at 1 million 374 thousand rubles. Station wagons and hatchbacks have not been produced by the plant for a long time, so the price lists have not changed.

Vesta’s price increase ranged from 83 to 91 thousand rubles. For example, since November, for a Vesta performed by Life with heated front seats and an audio system, you will have to pay at least 1 million 592 thousand rubles. The top version of Techno costs from 1 million 786 thousand, and the most expensive Cross-sedan in the same configuration is estimated at 1 million 901 thousand rubles. The SW and SW Cross station wagons were not affected by the adjustment, since their model range was recently revised and new prices have not yet been announced.

The price tags for the Fields have also been rewritten. Classic three-door Lada Niva Legend has risen in price by 85 thousand rubles. The SUV in the Luxe version with heated front seats and air conditioning now costs a million rubles! The price of the basic configuration, we recall, has not changed (830 thousand rubles). The indexation of the price for the Field of Travel amounted to approximately 105 thousand rubles. Apparently, the recently published prices for cars with a leather interior were a kind of teaser for the general rise in price of the AVTOVAZ model range. It turns out that the surcharge for the leather upholstery at Niva was not 224 thousand, but only 118 thousand rubles.

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