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BMW News: Fifth series station wagon and direct sales

BMW continues to please with news. For example, a new “five” BMW G60 series, presented this spring, is being prepared for the start of sales. Interestingly, the first country in which cars are already supplied to customers was South Korea. In his native Germany and other European countries, the launch is scheduled for October 21. In the USA, it will take place a week later — on October 28, and in a number of other countries — on November 25.

At the start, sedans are offered in five versions. The basic BMW 520i (208 hp) with a starter generator and rear-wheel drive in Germany costs from 57550 euros. Another petrol version is offered so far only for the USA: the BMW 530i (258 hp) can have rear or all-wheel drive, and costs from $ 57,900. There is only one diesel modification for Europe: the BMW 520d (197 hp) costs from 59750 euros for a rear-wheel drive sedan and from 62350 euros for an all-wheel drive car. In some Asian markets, such a BMW has an index of 523d. At the same time, BMW i5 electric cars are entering the market: from 70200 euros for the rear-wheel drive version of the eDrive40 (340 hp) and from 99500 euros for the top version of the M60 xDrive (601 hp) with all-wheel drive. In the spring of 2024, two rechargable hybrids will follow: BMW 530e with rear-wheel drive (299 hp, from 65300 euros) and BMW 550e with full (489 hp, from 77300 euros).

Do not forget about the station wagon. Various renderings and photos of camouflaged prototypes of the model with the G61 index have been published on the Internet for a long time. Today, BMW has released an official teaser of the five-door version. Its debut is expected very soon, and sales will begin in the spring of 2024. As reported, the Touring will have the same engine range as the sedan. The geography of sales of the station wagon will be modest: Europe, Japan and Taiwan.

And BMW has also announced a gradual transition to direct sales under the so-called agency scheme. It provides for the purchase of a car directly from the company, and the official dealer will act only as an intermediary acting on behalf of the manufacturer, advising the client and providing various additional services, such as a test drive. According to the idea, this will improve communication between BMW and customers, as well as make the pricing of cars more transparent thanks to uniform prices. Dealers will receive a fixed commission for each car sold, plus he is responsible for the delivery and transfer of the car to the customer, on which he also earns a certain percentage. The first brand to test a new sales model in pilot mode will be Mini, and the first countries will be Italy, Poland and Sweden. There, the new sales scheme will start functioning from January 1, 2024. Then it will gradually spread to other European countries. BMW cars will start selling in a similar way from 2026.

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