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Changan Will Separate Uni Into A Separate Brand

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Changan company boasts enviable performance in the Russian market. According to Autostat, in the first ten months of this year, we have sold 33,374 cars of this brand. Compared to the same period in 2022, sales soared 17 times! And the market share increased from 0.4% to 4%. And in the future, Changan expects to increase sales in Russia to 180 thousand cars per year. Moreover, it will be equally divided between the two brands: the Uni brand will be added to the main Changan brand.

The company already has a family of three Uni-models, and these machines stand out so much from the rest of the model range — first of all, by design. The whole trio is now represented on the Russian market — this is the Changan Uni-V liftback (Octavia’s classmate with a length of 4680 mm) for 2.8 million rubles, the Changan Uni-T compact suv (4515 mm in length) for the same 2.8 million and the large Changan Uni-K crossover (4865 mm in length) at a price of 3.4 million rubles.

These three models will move into the range of a separate Uni brand. However, the range shown on the corporate slide includes five cars: the new brand also includes a fresh sedan Changan Lamore (2.7 million rubles) and a mid-size crossover Changan CS55 Plus (2.4 million rubles). Details about the market positioning, changes in the cars themselves and the dealer network will be announced closer to the launch of the Uni brand, which will take place in 2024.

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