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Chery And Huawei Presented A Joint Sedan Luxeed S7

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Yes, Chery has another subsidiary brand. This time a joint one: the second “parent” was the electronic giant Huawei. Moreover, this is not his first experience in the automotive industry: Huawei participates in the creation of Arcfox electric vehicles of the BAIC concern, the AITO brand was created together with the Sokon concern, and the Avatr brand was established together with Changan and CATL. For Luxeed electric vehicles, Huawei will supply not only all on-board electronics and autopilot, but also traction motors and chargers.

The firstborn of the new brand was the Luxeed S7 sedan, announced in the summer. This is a large and solid machine: length — 4971 mm, width — 1963 mm, height — 1474 mm. The wheelbase is 2950 mm. The S7 has frameless doors, a two-piece glass roof (it stops 99.9% of UV rays) and 20-inch base wheels. Surprisingly, the developers do not give aerodynamic indicators, because the Luxeed S7 has a very streamlined body.

The interior with two screens on the front panel looks typical for modern Chinese cars. One of the unusual solutions is a compact oval steering wheel and two glove boxes in front of the passenger (upper and lower). Luxeed S7 became the first car with a media system based on the Harmony OS4 shell: it has advanced voice control, built-in games and an over-the-air update function. The trunk volume is 420 liters plus a 52-liter underground.

It is based on the E0X platform, which Chery has developed for the expensive electrified Sterra and Fulwin models. It has an air suspension with double wishbones at the front and a multi-link at the rear. But the 800-volt DriveOne electrical system was provided by Huawei. Autopilot has lidar on the roof, 12 ultrasonic radars, three millimeter radars and 11 cameras.

The Pro and Max versions are being opened with a claimed range of 550 and 705 km, respectively (according to the CLTC cycle), but there are no other characteristics yet. Because other modifications will be the first to enter the market. Luxeed S7 Max+ is the longest—range option in the range: it is promised up to 800 km on a single charge. This sedan has a rear-wheel drive with a single electric motor with a capacity of 292 hp, but there is no data about the battery. An electric car weighing 2010 kg can accelerate up to 210 km/h.

At the top of the range is the Luxeed S7 Max RS, which has not only a twin—engine all-wheel drive (496 hp), but also a reconfigured suspension, Brembo brakes, wheels with a diameter of 21 inches and a more aggressive body kit (bumpers, pads, spoiler on the stern). A sedan weighing 2170 kg can gain a “hundred” in 3.3 seconds, but the maximum speed is the same 210 km / h, and the passport power reserve is 630 km.

The production of Luxeed electric vehicles will be handled by Chery, the start of sales of the first model is scheduled for the end of November. In China, prices start at 258,000 yuan ($35,400), 328,000 yuan ($45,000) is asked for the long-range version of Max+, and the all-wheel drive Luxeed S7 Max RS costs 358,000 yuan ($49,000).

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