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Chevrolet Pickup 1980 had only a single-cabin, but two versions of the body. The first one was called Fleetside. It was a normal body full-width car. But the second option – Stepside / Fenderside was a narrow body, located inside the track. The wings of the rear wheels were carried out of the body, as well as the lanterns.

Chevrolet Pickup 1980 The car has several engines. The base was 6 row engine 250 (4.1 liters, 100 hp, 237 Nm already at 2000 rpm). In addition, there was a 6 row engine – 292 (4.8 liters, 120 hp, 305 Nm  at 2000 rpm). In addition there were three V8s:

– 307 (5.0 liters, 115 hp, 278 Nm at 2000 rpm);

– 350 (5.7 liters, 155 hp, 237 Nm at 2400 rpm);

– 454 (7.4 liters, 240 hp, 481 Nm at 2800 rpm).

Chevrolet Pickup 1980 was available in several configurations. The basic one was Custom Deluxe / Sierra. In the middle of the line was Scottsdale / Sierra Grande. In it, the car had chrome edging of the headlights, glass, chrome bumper, etc. Closer to the lux was Cheyenne / High Sierra, and the top one was Silverado / Sierra Classic.

Chevrolet Pickup 1980 has a head light and side turn signals inside of a single chrome edging. Also there is a radiator with a large cells. And top-end configurations have also square headlights.

Of course, different packages of options were offered for every taste and color. For example, for lovers of trailers, the Trailering Special Package was offered. Of course, Chevrolet Pickup and so could pull a 4-ton trailer. But with the package for trailers (350 or 454 engine, automatic transmission Turbo-Hydramatic, power steering and brakes, extended capacity battery, wiring, etc.) the car could already pull 6 tons.

In addition, there were packages to increase sales. For example, in the Outdoorsman package, the buyer purchased goods for active recreation (hunting, fishing, traveling, etc.) at his discretion. The Bonanza series was Scottsdale with a variety of options, from color rugs to air conditioning and cruise control. Chevrolet also sold the version of Sno Chaser, differed by a large fairing behind the cab. And also there are rumors about the Sundancer package for California, which had a bright yellow color, 15-inch wheels on BFGoodrich rubber, Bilstein racks and a sunroof. In addition, there was a package designed for young people. Its name was Sport. The car has multi-colored stripes and rally wheels.

Welcome! We want to present Chevrolet Pickup 1980. This legendary car name plays an important role speaking about the car making industry of the USA. Chevrolet always catches people’s attention with its notable design. The cars of this manufacturer are made according to the safety standards worldwide.

Chevrolet Pickup 1980 is reliable and reasonable offer. Besides, the car provides a really good driving performance.

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