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Chevrolet S 10 1995 is a compact pickup truck from Chevrolet, a division of General Motors. The first pickup from General Motors appeared under the brand Isuzu KB and was launched in 1972 as the Chevrolet SUV. In 1973, the Arab oil embargo forced GM to think about designing a compact pickup truck in its own country. When creating the chassis elements from other models (mainly G-platforms) were used.

For the first time, the S-series pickup was introduced in 1982 as a GMC version named S-15, and later it was renamed GMC Sonoma. The GMC and Chevrolet models were identical except for the radiator grille. The width of the car was similar to previous cars, based on the H-platform. In 1983, two 2-door closed versions were presented: S-10 Blazer and S-15 Jimmy. General Motors was the second company (after Jeep company), which introduced such pick-up trucks.

Chevrolet S 10 1995 In 1984, reinforced models with a suspension designed for off-road driving were produced. They were also equipped with a hydraulic clutch. In 1985 the engine OHV I4 from Cavalier was replased with Iron Duke I4 from Pontiac company. The OHV 2.2 liter and Isuzu 1.9 liter engines were no longer used. In 1986, the 2.5-liter Iron Duke I4 was replaced with the 2.8-liter V6 TBI. And in 1988, the most beloved by buyers, the engine GM V6 TBI volume of 4.3 liters appeared. At the same year the car was equipped with ABS.

Welcome! We want to present Chevrolet S 10 1995. This legendary car name plays an important role speaking about the car making industry of the USA. Chevrolet always catches people’s attention with its notable design. The cars of this manufacturer are made according to the safety standards worldwide.

Chevrolet S 10 1995 is reliable and reasonable offer. Besides, the car provides a really good driving performance.


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