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Citroen Jumpy 2006 is a popular commercial van from Citroen company . Despite that fact that it has a somewhat frivolous name, its functionality is very serious.

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A beautiful van …

Why would a commercial van have a beautiful design? The answer is simple – without this component you will not make sales now. It is not enough to be functional and reliable. You have to be beautiful, even catchy. Jumpy is exactly like this. Expressive headlights, a dynamic lateral part and a huge chrome-plated “chevron” through the entire body. You will not lose such a car in a parking lot .

In addition to the beauty of a commercial car, the driver’s comfort is also required. Because he has to spend a lot of time driving. Despite the availability of only standard adjustments to the seat and steering wheel, the driver can find comfortable position in the driver’s seat. Although the adjustment of the driver’s seat horizontally is limited by the protective grille behind.

Only the parking brake lever is located unusually – to the left of the driver – you just need to get used to it. But some shelves for road trifles is in abundance. These are the pockets in the doors, and the shelves on the front panel, and the glove compartment and shelf above the windshield. For the driver and his passenger there are two cupholders. In general, there are no problems with ergonomics.

Citroen Jumpy 2006

A flip-flap doors and sliding door provide the access to the spacious cargo place. The flip-flap doors open at an angle of 180 degrees. The car’s carrying capacity is more than 1000 kg. And the useful volume of the cargo compartment is more than 5 cubic meters. And also Jumpy looks quite light. The loading height is small, the wheel arches protrude a bit, so it is convenient to load/unload the car. There are no any coating on the floor, although the walls and are partly sheathed by plastic panels that can protect the body from dents when the cargo is suddenly moved.

… and fast.

It is easy to drive Citroen Jumpy 2006. Despite the high body Jumpy well keep on the trajectory. The steering is quite sharp and informative for a commercial van. And this is a great benefit, because even with such a car you want to drive with pleasure. The engine is a little restrained by short gear ratios designed to carry a ton of cargo.

Suspension provides quite a decent ride, taking into account the rather rigid truck tires. At high speed Jumpy shows a good soundproofing. There are no problems with the noise isolation of the engine compartment. And aerodynamics is such that there is no wind noise.
The visibility forward from the driver’s seat is absolutely wonderful.


If you want to make a pleasant surprise for the driver of your small company buy him Citroen Jumpy 2006. Let his work bring him pleasure. But only with a diesel engine, otherwise you will hardly enjoy the average fuel consumption of the petrol version.

In this review we want to tell you about the Citroen Jumpy 2006. See photos and video of Citroen Jumpy 2006, leave your comments about this car.

Pictures of Citroen Jumpy 2006

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