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Compact Crossover Toyota Urban Suv: To The Series In Six Months

Toyota opened the annual Kenshiki eco-friendly transport forum in Brussels today, where it presented its carbon-neutral innovations for Europe. Most of them have already been shown at other venues. For example, a couple of Toyota FT-3e and FT-Se concepts debuted at the recent Tokyo Auto Show, and the Sport Crossover even earlier in Shanghai (although it has now been repainted from orange to gray). A coupe-like suv based on the latest concept should appear on the European market in 2025, although it is initially being prepared for China. Another electric car, the Toyota Urban SUV Concept crossover developed specifically for Europe, became a full—fledged debutant of the Brussels forum.

Toyota Sport Crossover and Toyota Urban SUV concepts

According to the idea, this SUV should build on the success of the very popular Toyota Yaris Cross model, which has become the best-selling B-class crossover in Europe. Although the concept is larger than Yaris in all directions: the Urban SUV is 4,300 mm long, 1,820 mm wide and 1,620 mm high.

The design of the compact crossover is clearly inspired by older SUVs: small overhangs, an abundance of sharp edges on the body, pronounced wheel arches and a generally tall silhouette. And the front is solved in the modern design concept of the brand: a horizontal bar in the color of the body effectively dissects the narrow LED headlights. The interior has not yet been shown, but Toyota promises to maximize usable space and extensive transformation possibilities.

The production Toyota Urban SUV will be offered with two types of drive — front or full. There are also two options for the capacity of the traction battery (for 500 and 800 km of mileage).: the buyer is free to decide what is more important to him — availability or power reserve. Other technical parameters will be known only in the first half of 2024, when the premiere of the serial version will take place.

Toyota’s European division intends to introduce six battery-powered electric vehicles by 2026. So far, only the Toyota bZ4X crossover is on sale. And by 2035, the Japanese intend to sell only zero-exhaust cars in Europe. This should ensure that 100% carbon neutrality is achieved by 2040.

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