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Dacia Solenza 2004

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Despite the fact that Dacia Solenza 2004 was produced only during a couple of years, it is still often found on the roads. If you decide to purchase this car, pay attention to the shortcomings that you will have to face. A significant drawback of the model is that its body is not galvanized. But, despite this, it is difficult to find traces of rust. All new cars underwent an anti-corrosion treatment.

Dacia Solenza 2004

The body is practical: folding the back seat, you can easily transport even a refrigerator. Since the fifth door of the car is big and heavy, its hinges are not longevous.  The instrument panel, although made of hard plastic, is quite pretty. With ergonomics here, too, everything is in order. High driver’s seat provides excellent visibility. Places in front are quite enough even for people above average growth. But there is not much room at the second row. It will be convenient only for two persons.

Most cars of Dacia Solenza 2004 model had Renault petrol engine with a capacity of 1.4 liters. This unit was installed on Clio of the second generation. It is time-tested and completely reliable. But it doesn’t like not quality fuel. Bad fuel injure injectors, catalyst and fuel pump. To break down the catalyst, a couple of refuels with bad gasoline are enough. This is due to the poor corrosion resistance of its body as well as the entire exhaust system, because the silencer serves even less.

Low-quality gasoline also leads to a clogging of the fuel pump filter. If it is seriously clogged be prepared for serious expences. It is replaced only together with the fuel pump (the new unit is about $ 300). Oil leaks under the hood may appear if the crankshaft front oil seal fails, but its replacement is not laborious. There is no choice of transmission types for the buyer Solenza, it is one – mechanical. But the reliability of gearbox is very good.

Undoubtedly, Solenza’s most problematic place is its chassis. On bad roads, it does not serve for a long time. You need to monitor the integrity of the anthers of the semi-axes and ball supports very carefully – they do not differ in strength. The rear suspension is not much safer. Rear springs do not like overloading and often burst. The only consolation can be maintainability of the front and rear suspension – in them everything changes separately.

To twist the driving wheel in Solenza helps the hydraulic power steering. In order for it to serve for a long time, it is necessary to monitor the level of oil in its tank. The braking system is effective, but, like the suspension, is short-lived. Ventilated brake discs are not very good and are prone to deformation.

There are fewer problems in the electrical part. After winter, the electric motor of the cooling fan may fail. Electric drives of door locks are annoying. Before deciding to buy the Dacia Solenza 2004 you need to think. If you region has good roads and quality fuel, then an inexpensive functional car will be very good. But if asphalt and gasoline do not stand up to criticism, it is better to look for another car.

In this review we want to tell you about the Dacia Solenza 2004. See photos and video of Dacia Solenza 2004, leave your comments about this car.

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