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Digest Of The Day: Unique Ferrari Sp-8, Gas Liases And Other Industry Events

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The Ferrari Special Projects division has prepared another car for a special order. The Ferrari SP-8 roadster is based on the F8 Spider supercar for an unnamed Taiwanese customer. The car has original body panels and is completely devoid of a roof, but technically repeats the donor: a 720 hp V8 3.9 turbo engine works with a seven-speed “robot”. Prior to delivery to the customer, the car will be on public display at the Mugello Race track, and then until March 2024 it will move to the Ferrari branded museum. The price of such an individual order can only be guessed.

The hybrid crossover Chery T iggo 7 Pro Plug-in Hybrid is being prepared to enter the Russian market. The “Seven” with an electric suspension is made according to the same recipe as the older Tiggo 8 model: a 1.5 gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 147 hp works together with two electric motors (one of them is mainly used as a generator). Total output — 235 hp, front-wheel drive only. The Russian presentation of the model is expected in November.

MercedesBenz has opened an order acceptance in Europe for the EQA and EQB electric crossovers updated at the end of last summer. Recall that both models have undergone minor changes in appearance, software and a set of options. Contrary to expectations, the starting prices have not changed: EQA in Germany costs from 50777 euros, and EQB — 53714 euros.

MB Rus Company (the former representative office of Mercedes-Benz Rus) and GC Avtodom will become official importers of F oton Tunland G 7 pickups. The appearance of this model, known in China under the name Tunland F9, was announced in Russia at the end of spring, but sales did not begin. The pickup is equipped with a two-liter turbodiesel (163 hp, 390 Nm) and an eight-speed “automatic” ZF. Sales should start in December, prices will be announced later.

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi will become a co-investor in the Ampere project, which Renault Group has established for the development and production of electric vehicles. Nissan has already joined this project earlier. Back in early 2023, Mitsubishi’s management adopted a program for the development of the electric vehicle range, which is now far behind its competitors. The maximum investment in Ampere is 200 million euros.

The public transport operator of the Moscow region Mostransavto (a structure of the regional Ministry of Transport) has started testing the LiAZ-5292 LNG bus, a gas modification of the standard 5292 model that can be seen in many Russian cities. The YAMZ engine runs on liquefied methane, the reserve of which should be enough for a 300 km run around the city. In the test mode, the bus will carry passengers along route No. 11 in Kolomna, the length of the route is about 9 km one way. The tests will last until the beginning of 2024.

Also today we talked about the new Dongfeng models for Russia and the Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 hybrid crossover.

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