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Ford 4×4 1995

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Ford 4×4 1995 refers to Ford F-series. It is a series of full-size pickups from Ford company which is sold already for 60 years.

Ford 4×4 1995 refers to the ninth generation of these pickups. It was presented in 1992. The car received an updated front part with better aerodynamics and a new instrument panel. It also has 17-inch wheel disks and gas shock absorbers.

Also in the list of equipment appears CD-changer and the driver’s airbag. The maximum permissible weight of the car is 2,996 kg. The engine is a Power Stroke turbo-diesel V8 with a capacity of 7.3 liters and 210 hp.

Ford 4×4 1995 became safer and more dynamic thanks to independent suspension and a new engine. The design shows the impact of the concept cars Power Stroke and Triton. As before, cars will be offered in variants with four-wheel drive or only with a drive to the rear wheels. Airbags in the front, air conditioning and radio are included in the standard equipment.

We are really happy to present you Ford 4×4 1995.

The Ford automaker has functioned since 1906 and was listed among the five largest car manufacturers in the world. Modern Ford model range includes automobiles, trucks, buses, tractors, motorcycles and even Formula One sport cars. Having subsidiaries worldwide, the Ford company produces all types of automobiles. An impressive list of other automakers operate under the Ford brand nowadays.

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