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Ford Custom 1979

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Ford Custom 1979 has an exquisite appearance. The chrome letters “FORD” are effectively placed on the hood just above the grille. Since 1979, cars of this series in all configurations have received rectangular headlights. The car was among the best selling cars in America.

Ford Custom 1979
The car differs solidity of panels of a body, as Ford began to use the big volumes of the zinced sheet metal for struggle against corrosion.
Custom had the following types of engines:
• 460 CID Ford 460 V8
• 351 CID Ford 351M V8
• 400 CID Ford 400M V8

We are really happy to present you Ford Custom 1979.

The Ford automaker has functioned since 1906 and was listed among the five largest car manufacturers in the world. Modern Ford model range includes automobiles, trucks, buses, tractors, motorcycles and even Formula One sport cars. Having subsidiaries worldwide, the Ford company produces all types of automobiles. An impressive list of other automakers operate under the Ford brand nowadays.

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Video of Ford Custom 1979

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