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Ford Pickup 1972

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Ford Pickup 1972 differed in durability and simplicity of design. This makes them a favorite object for recovery. This car has also been manufactured in Brazil since 1971 and remained in production until 1992 with minor changes.


F-100: load capacity 1/2 tons
F-110: load capacity 1/2 tons (4×4)
F-250: load capacity 3/4 tons
F-260: 3/4 ton load capacity (4×4)
F-350: load capacity 1 ton
F-360: load capacity 1 ton (4×4)

240 CID Ford Straight-6 – 150 hp
300 CID Ford Straight-6 – 170 hp
360 CID Ford FE V8 – 215 hp
390 CID Ford FE V8 – 255 hp
302 CID Ford Windsor V8 – 205 hp

Ford Pickup 1972

We are really happy to present you Ford Pickup 1972. The Ford automaker has functioned since 1906 and was listed among the five largest car manufacturers in the world. Modern Ford model range includes automobiles, trucks, buses, tractors, motorcycles and even Formula One sport cars. Having subsidiaries worldwide, the Ford company produces all types of automobiles. An impressive list of other automakers operate under the Ford brand nowadays. See photos, video of Ford Pickup 1972 on the website LookAtTheCar.org. Ford Pickup 1972 photo - 4 Ford Pickup 1972 photo - 5 Ford Pickup 1972 photo - 7

Video of Ford Pickup 1972

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