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Ford Truck 1941

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Some people consider that Ford Truck 1941 is one of the most beautiful American pickup trucks of that period. The predecessor of this pickup made in 1939 had a much more controversial design.

Ford Truck 1941

The main buyers of pickup trucks in the US in the late thirties were farmers. Buyers in the city preferred vans and wagon cars. The American automobile industry produced pickup trucks for different tastes and different purse. This Ford Truck 1941 is a car of the American middle class. The car cost about 600 dollars. There were cheaper options on the American market and more expensive ones.

The main highlight of Ford Truck 1941 is Ford flathead V8 engine. He is the progenitor of all American V-shaped eight-cylinder engines. It was produced from the early thirties to the early sixties and was popular with American consumers.

For this reason, it is difficult to meet any pickup truck, which would not have been touched by modernization. In the photo you see retro cars in their original form.

We are really happy to present you Ford Truck 1941.

The Ford automaker has functioned since 1906 and was listed among the five largest car manufacturers in the world. Modern Ford model range includes automobiles, trucks, buses, tractors, motorcycles and even Formula One sport cars. Having subsidiaries worldwide, the Ford company produces all types of automobiles. An impressive list of other automakers operate under the Ford brand nowadays.

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