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Front-Wheel Drive Lexus Rz: Less Power And More Power Reserve

The Lexus RZ electric crossover was introduced a year and a half ago, but so far it has had only one version with the RZ 450e index. It is equipped with a Direct4 all-wheel drive system with two electric motors (one for each axle). An engine with a capacity of 204 hp is installed in the front, the rear develops 109 hp, and the combined output of the power plant is 313 hp and 435 Nm. Now the gamut is expanded, and not up, but down.

The main difference between the new version of the Lexus RZ 300e was the absence of a rear electric motor. The front has the same engine as the all-wheel drive version (204 hp, 265 Nm). The traction battery with a capacity of 71.4 kWh is also identical. But the reduced power and reduced weight by about 100 kg made it possible to increase the mileage on a single charge from 494 to 599 km according to the WLTC cycle. These data are given for an electric car with standard 18-inch wheels, when ordering optional 20-inch wheels, the figures will be lower.

The dynamic characteristics of the Lexus RZ 300e front-wheel drive crossover are not disclosed. However, given that the power plant completely repeats that of the basic front-wheel drive version of the related Toyota bZ4X model, we can assume similar acceleration rates to “hundreds” (8.4 seconds). The maximum speed is limited at 160 km/h.

In addition to the changes in the power plant, revised suspension settings have been announced. Recalibrated springs, shock absorbers and stabilizer were needed to compensate for the reduced weight in order to give the crossover more comfort and agility on the road. Finally, both versions of the Lexus RZ model now have a system for quickly warming up the traction battery, which can be especially useful in countries with cold climates.

Acceptance of orders for the Lexus RZ 300e has already been opened in Japan, where it costs 8.2 million yen (5.1 million rubles in direct conversion). This is 600 thousand yen (372 thousand rubles) or 7% cheaper than the all-wheel drive crossover RZ 450e. In the future, the Japanese not only plan to bring the “three hundredth” to all markets where the twin—engine RZ is already present, but also expand the geography of sales of the family to nine more countries – primarily in Central and South America.

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