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Gac Will Bring Three New Models To The Russian Market

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The Chinese corporation GAC has been officially represented in Russia since 2019. Now the local model range consists of only two crossovers — the medium-sized GAC GS5 and the large GAC GS8 of the second generation. According to Autostat, in the first ten months of this year, 1,818 copies were sold in Russia — this is 4.6 times more than in the same period of 2022, but against the general background, the result is very modest. However, GAC intends to significantly expand its presence in the Russian market in 2024 and has already announced the release of three new models.

In the second quarter of next year, we should have a luxury minivan GAC M8 (title photo). It debuted in China a year ago, and it is the heir to the GAC GN8 single-volume car that was previously sold here. The newcomer stands out with a huge radiator grille, a large 14.6-inch media system screen and two “thrones” on the second row. Under the hood is a 2.0 TGDI turbo engine (252 hp, 390 Nm in Chinese specification) and an eight—speed Aisin automatic. There are hybrid versions on the Chinese market, but they are unlikely to appear in our country.


Also, sales of the compact crossover GAC GS3 are scheduled to start in the second quarter. The second-generation car appeared less than a year ago and boasts an aggressive faceted design, a fresh modular GPMA platform and advanced onboard electronics capabilities, including a set of driver assistance systems. The crossover has a turbocharger 1.5 (177 hp and 270 Nm in the Chinese market) and a seven-speed “robot” with two clutches, but the drive is only front. It is possible that the characteristics will be adjusted for the Russian market.

Finally, in the third quarter, an unnamed model of the “SUV segment” is expected to appear, that is, another crossover. What could it be? The company’s Chinese range now includes the spectacular GAC Emkoo, as well as the more traditional GAC GS4 and GS4 Plus models. Although it is possible that by this time the company will introduce another car.

In addition to expanding the model range, GAC intends to increase the volume of deliveries of existing cars, increase marketing investments, as well as expand the dealer network. Since the beginning of 2023, more than ten dealerships of the brand have been opened in Russia, but now the network still includes only 29 showrooms for the whole country, plus three more are being prepared for opening.

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