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The Honda City 2010 is a convenient and practical city car. In Europe and America this car is not widely known despite the fact that Honda City has been produced for almost a quarter of a century and during this time several generations of the car changed. The car is produced in Turkey and Thailand.

Honda Jazz became the base for Honda City. This compact sedan is significantly different from the car of the previous generation. It features an entirely new body style and some design elements borrowed from Accord model. The new advanced 1.4 i-VTEC engine complements the updated appearance.
The car had engines in volume 1,3, 1,5 or 1,8 liters, was equipped with a five-step mechanical or automatic transmission.

Honda City 2010

Honda City 2010 is distinguished by quality materials of decoration, aesthetic design and functionality. The engineers of the company increased the volume of the storage compartments, including the glove box. This made the car more practical. And comfortable seats help to increase the level of comfort for the driver and passengers.

Honda City 2010 has improved system of noise and vibration suppression. Thanks to the operation of this system the driver gets even more pleasure from driving. Another advantage is the acoustic system with improved sound quality compatible with iPod.

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Pictures of Honda City 2010

Honda City 2010 photo - 1

Honda City 2010 photo - 2

Honda City 2010 photo - 3


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