Land Rover Santana 2000

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Land Rover Santana 2000 is a professional SUV. It has huge high-profile wheels, a sturdy frame frame, a dependent suspension of all wheels on semi-elliptic springs, rigid bridges.

This is a vehicle for real men. The interior is simple, concise and deliberately rough. After all, the SUV should be simple and unpretentious. Exception is unless the steering wheel and the seat. They are in this car like from a different life. The steering wheel, in comparison with other controls, is too “smooth”. And so good lateral support we have seen on the cars of a completely different class.

Land Rover Santana 2000 Land Rover Santana 2000 has a 2.8-liter turbo diesel Iveco. The capacity of the fuel tank is 100 liters.

In the city and on the road driving this car is not a pleasure. First of all, the car is very noisy. Noise insulation is not insufficient, it is absolutely absent.

Manageability, too, could be better. Want to get into the rotation? Take care of this in advance. In ten meters you already have to start rotating the steering wheel. However, one who is familiar with the technique of managing a dry cargo ship or a tanker should not be frightened. And Land Rover Santana 2000 shudders on the asphalt, even from a collision on a cigarette butt that was thrown out of the car in front.

It’s quite another thing when the car gets off road. No, it does not get softer or quieter and is still managed reluctantly, but … But it’s nice, when there is no need to think about what there is no road. No, and hell with it. The main thing is that no tree grows on the way or an anti-tank ditch was dug. All other obstacles are not taken into account. Hard four-wheel drive, lowering the range in the transmission, an impressive ground clearance and short overhangs allow you to drive where you want, and not where you can.

And sometimes the car’s capabilities do not fit in with common sense. And about reliability says such a fact. Having roared, we began to rush through the snowy virgin soil. The car flew into a boulder disguised as a snow hill. Having flown two meters through the air and landed on the front left wheel, Land Rover Santana 2000 as a result only got rid of the snow that had fallen on it during the test runs. And that’s all! The safety factor is striking. And for this safety I can forgive all that distinguishes it from other, more advanced SUVs. Yes, it’s noisy, yes, it’s rude, yes, it’s not comfortable. But he’s real, and that’s it.

In this review we want to tell you about the Land Rover Santana 2000. See photos and video of Land Rover Santana 2000, leave your comments about this car.

Pictures of Land Rover Santana 2000

Land Rover Santana 2000 photo - 1

Land Rover Santana 2000 photo - 2


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