Lexus 300

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Without a stunning exterior, Lexus 300 (2003) captivates by the comfort brought to the absolute and by the magnificence traditional for Lexus performance. External changes of the car relative to the previous version are at first glance minimal. All the same body shapes, window line, wheel arches. Only light engineering quite strongly mutated, taking a more intricate form. As a manufacturer of prestigious cars, the Toyota division of Lexus did not blindly follow fashion trends (or simply missed them – there is also such an opinion) – RX 300 can be considered a model of continuity of traditions.

In a dynamic, light form, there are no screaming elements, and at the same time, any detail of the car unobtrusively emphasizes the social status of its owner – expensive, stylish. I would say that the Lexus 300 is the most correct embodiment of the image of a luxury SUV. And if we evaluate this car from such positions, then by any parameter we get an exemplary car.

In the cabin of the car you feel some trembling. It can be stated that the interior of the novelty is worthy of bearing the proud stamp of Lexus. This is the most delicate skin that is used here everywhere, and the finish is wood, and a shiny polished metal, and soft plastic, which can easily be confused with leather upholstery. Impressed the backlight of the instrument panel – neon, flashing when turning the ignition key in the lock.

It does not like to attack corners, forcing passengers to experience the action of large centrifugal forces. But completely isolating them from the outside world, rolling smoothly, absorbing in all possible ways (including with the help of chairs) the vibrations transmitted to the body – this task is perfectly handled by the car.

There are no complaints about ergonomics. The driver’s seat has five electric adjustments, in two planes it is possible to move a graceful (leather and wood in furnish) a steering wheel. Naturally, the car is able to remember the configuration of settings you have chosen, and this applies not only to the position of the chair, but also mirrors, and the steering wheel.

Under the hood – 204 hp. Coupled with the motor is a five-speed “automatic” with the possibility of manual switching. A permanent all-wheel drive (with a free interaxle differential and a VSC system braking the wheels) and a pneumatic suspension complete the picture.

In motion, Lexus 300 continues to put into practice the idea of maximum comfort. Suspension readily extinguishes the consequences of overcoming any road defects, copes well even with treacherous waves.

Behavior of the car in close to extreme modes is reliable and predictable. The steering wheel is always ready to please with a distinctive feedback, and the wheels keep to the last for covering the track. On guard of security, in the meantime, there is an alert system of stabilization, which first gives a warning signal, and then, as if in retaliation for disobedience on the part of the driver, quite unceremoniously “straightens out” the car, braking the wheels and significantly extinguishing the speed. The car brakes perfectly, the ABS vibration on the pedal is almost not felt.

As an SUV, of course, the car is quite good. The air suspension can lift the body by 3 cm and increase the clearance to 220 mm. All wheel drive and VSC will help you overcome the road sections impassable for many other cars. But do not climb on it to the clayey quarry, which is wet after the rain. You risk to stay there.

Pay attention to the luxury brand and car Lexus 300 of Toyota Motors Corporations called Lexus. Even the name of car brand came from Latin “luxus” that means luxe. The appearance of the Lexus cars reminds more European models than Japanese. And despite the first cars were not very attractive and have problems with electric system, fortunately Toyota wouldn’t stop its manufacture and nowadays we can admire such a great cars – Lexus 300.

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