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Lucid Gravity’s Big Crossover: Los Angeles Premiere

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Announced three years ago, the full-size crossover Lucid Gravity is finally shown live. The second model of the young and ambitious Lucid company is presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show. And if the Lucid Air sedan was conceived as a competitor for the Tesla Model S, then Gravity will fight for buyers with the Tesla Model X crossover. Increased attention to detail, premium finish and a starting price of “up to 80 thousand dollars” should help the beginner in this.

The exterior of the crossover is designed in the same style as that of the sedan: calm and concise body contours, hidden door handles and contrasting details like roof racks and slats above the headlights. The car turned out to be streamlined: the aerodynamic drag coefficient Cx is only 0.24. However, according to the developers, the main advantages and features are hidden inside.

An incredible space is promised in the three-row cabin. If you fold the two rear rows of seats, a flat area is formed, and the total volume of the compartment will be 3171 liters. For comparison: to Tesla Model X in a similar configuration, only 2314 liters are obtained. It is not surprising that with such a space, even the inhabitants of the third row will feel at ease. The middle sofa is equipped with longitudinal adjustment, there are large and comfortable tables and its own climate control.

The main feature of the front part of the cabin is a curved OLED screen with a diagonal of 34 inches, which combines devices and a media system. On the console there is an additional Pilot Panel monitor, under which there is a touch panel for quick access to the most important functions. The central tunnel is covered with a sliding transparent curtain that opens access to the cup holders.

Technical details have not yet been fully disclosed. For example, Lucid announced the use of a new generation of electric motors, but did not publish their parameters, limiting themselves only to the fact that they are more compact, lighter and have an increased specific power. The electrical system with an operating voltage of 900 volts is borrowed from the Lucid Air sedan, but in a modified form.

The capacity of the traction battery is also not yet known, although the mileage on a single charge is 708 km, while the Tesla Model X can only travel 560 km. If the charge is running out, in 15 minutes it can be replenished for a throw of 200 miles (322 km): the charger is designed for a power of up to 350 kW. Up to 60 mph (97 km/h) Lucid Gravity shoots in less than 3.5 seconds. Also important for this class is the ability to tow a trailer weighing up to 2722 kg, and the load capacity of the car itself is 680 kg.

Finally, the crossover is equipped with an advanced air suspension, which not only knows how to change the ground clearance at the request of the driver, but also has an automatic Zero Gravity mode. When activated, the suspension independently sets the position of the body for maximum driving comfort. However, before the start of production of the Lucid Gravity model, we will have to wait another year: it is scheduled only for the end of 2024.

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