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Mercedes-Amg Sl Hybrid Convertible: New Top Version

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The current generation of the Mercedes SL R232 series convertible was introduced in 2021, then two versions with a V8 4.0 gasoline turbo engine entered the market — SL 55 and SL 63, which differed in the degree of boost. A year later, the basic four-cylinder version of the SL 43 was released, which lost all-wheel drive and adaptive suspension. And now it’s the turn of the hybrid top model Mercedes-AMG SL 63 S E Performance.

As the long name suggests, the main feature was the proprietary AMG E Performance hybrid system, already familiar from the AMG GT liftback. It includes the already mentioned biturbomotor M177 V8 4.0 and a nine-stage “automatic” AMG Speedshift MCT-9G with a wet clutch instead of a torque converter. For a hybrid, this engine is tuned to 612 hp and 850 Nm, and adds another 14 hp while starting the starter generator.

An electric module is installed on the rear axle, combining a synchronous electric motor (204 hp, 320 Nm), a two-stage gearbox and an inter-wheel differential with electronically controlled locking. A specially designed AMG traction battery cannot boast a solid capacity (only 6.1 kWh), but it has a high current output and individual liquid cooling for each of the 560 cells.

The 4Matic+ mechanical all-wheel drive transmission has a driveshaft. In normal hybrid driving mode, it transfers thrust from the internal combustion engine to the rear wheels. However, while driving in purely electric mode, the gimbal can transmit torque in the opposite direction — from the electric motor to the front wheels, using the standard distributor and the center coupling.

All these technical tricks have made it possible to achieve impressive driving characteristics. The combined output of the E Performance powerplant is 816 hp and from 1080 Nm, although this is slightly less than that of the AMG GT liftback. Acceleration to the “hundred” takes 2.9 seconds instead of 3.6 seconds for a pure gasoline convertible SL 63. However, the maximum speed increased only symbolically — from 315 to 317 km/h. The mass of the hybrid has not been disclosed, but the developers are proud of the achieved fuel efficiency indicators: 7.7 liters / 100 km instead of 12.8 for the gasoline version. The range in electric mode is only 13 km.

Like the gasoline SL 63, the E Performance hybrid is already equipped in the “base” with an AMG Active Ride Control chassis with a hydraulic system instead of the classic transverse stabilizers. The steering rear axle is equipped with electric actuators capable of deflecting the wheels by a small angle to increase maneuverability and stability. The brakes are equipped with six-piston mechanisms on the front wheels and single-piston mechanisms on the rear wheels. Especially for the hybrid, the diameter of the carbon-ceramic brake discs has been increased to 420 mm at the front and 380 mm at the rear.

There are very few external differences in the hybrid. First of all, this is a hatch for recharging the battery in the rear bumper, bright red nameplates, as well as the “eco-friendly” E Performance inscription on the front fenders. The interior does not even have such distinctive signs, although new items have been added to the menu. However, you can use the Manufaktur program with extensive customization options.

The price of the hybrid top version of the Mercedes-AMG SL 63 S E Performance has not yet been announced, but it is easy to estimate. If the hybrid five-door AMG GT in Germany costs at least 208 thousand euros, and the price difference for gasoline models GT 63 and SL 63 is 27 thousand euros, then about 235 thousand euros will be asked for the most powerful convertible.

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