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Mitsubishi Canter 2000 review

The medium duty truck Mitsubishi Canter 2000 is the flagship of Mitsubishi Fuso. It has been actively exploited and improved for more than 50 years. The car is produced since 1963. During this time 4 million Canters found theirs owners. Every year more than 120,000 new trucks come off conveyors.

Mitsubishi Canter 2000 features a streamlined cabin with first-class aerodynamic characteristics. It is equipped with a high-performance 140 strong atmospheric engine with direct fuel injection and two overhead camshafts. It was the most powerful engine in its class at that time. Also, for the first time in its class, the CANTER was equipped with a front independent suspension.

Japanese manufacturers produce many varieties of Canter. Each of the modifications has its own characteristics, because cars are manufactured for different purposes and operating conditions. For each country are delivered certain types of trucks, which have their own distinctive features. Among an infinite number of options were trucks with a twin cab.

The advantages of these cars include high reliability and unpretentiousness in service. Knowingly in the sector of light commercial vehicles Mitsubishi Canter occupies a leading position.

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Pictures of Mitsubishi Canter 2000

Mitsubishi Canter 2000

Mitsubishi Canter 2000 photo - 2

Mitsubishi Canter 2000 photo - 3


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