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Nissan Estacas 2006

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Nissan Estacas 2006 is a car that is widely used in the Mexican market. This car was mainly used for commercial purposes by small private enterprises. It fully met the requirements of its time and was widely in demand. At one time the model had a very attractive appearance, a comfortable interior and confidently felt on the roads.

Nissan Estacas 2006 Nissan company was formed as a result of the gradual merger of several automakers. It all began in 1914, when workers of the company Kwaishinsha Co. Kenjiro Den, Rokuro Aoyama and Meitaro Takeuchi designed a car equipped with a two-cylinder engine with a capacity of 10 hp. and called it “DAT” – according to the first letters of their surnames. Simultaneously, the word “dat” in Japanese meant “lively, agile”. In 1915 the model “DAT-31” was launched, and in 1916 – “DAT-41”. In the same year, after the merger with the company Lila, production moved from Tokyo (where it was before) to Osaka. At this time the enterprise was mainly engaged in the production of trucks.

In this review we want to tell you about the Nissan Estacas 2006. See photos and video of Nissan Estacas 2006, leave your comments about this car.

Pictures of Nissan Estacas 2006

Nissan Estacas 2006 photo - 1

Nissan Estacas 2006 photo - 3


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