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Nissan Pickup 2003 is a cross-country vehicle. It has undergone three generations since the beginning of production in 1988. It could be both two- and four-door variants. Datsun Pickup is the Datsun brand purchased by Nissan. And until 2002, Datsun Pickup was considered to be the same model of Nissan Pickup and at the same time the predecessor of the next generation. However, Datsun Pickup was intended exclusively for the Japanese domestic market. Other similar models are the American Nissan Frontier and the Spanish Nissan Navara. They also have the model designations D21 and D22 series Nissan Pickup.

Nissan Pickup 2003

1988 – 1996: first generation (D / W21)

Nissan Pickup of the first generation was originally to be manufactured at the Pars Khodro plant in Tehran. Only since 1992, Nissan re-launched the production of the model of the first generation D / W21 in Turkey and Spain. With respect to engines and equipment options, the D / W21 was identical with its “cousin” models Frontier, Navara and Nissan Terrano. Gasoline and diesel engines ranged in power from 40 to 101 kW, visually the model was rather angular, with an uncomplicated design. But sales were much less than expected, for which reason in 1996, the D22 came to replace previouce model. But in Spain D / W21 was produced until 1999.

1996 – 2007: The second generation (D22)

Nissan Pickup 2003 D22 unlike the first generation was produced in three versions of the body: in the classic version of the pickup with two seats, in the five-seater version and with the cab, nicknamed the “king cab” with two longitudinally oriented seats in the back row. Visually, the model was similar to its predecessor, but with rounded edges and a more massive radiator grille. To reduce costs, the palette of the proposed engines was narrowed to 2 types. In the petrol version, the engine had a working volume of 2.4 liters and a power of 61 kW. In the diesel segment, it was possible to choose from two more powerful motors of 76 kW or 88 kW, respectively, with the same working volume of 2.5 liters.

When in 1998 the final decision was made to close the production of Datsun Pickup, D22 finally appeared in the UK. The British version received a transfer case lever, with which it was possible to connect the front axle and lock the differentials. Another variant of the D22 pickup truck was the “Alexander Upper” model manufactured in Russia, the internal equipment of which was supplied by the group of companies United Study Firms.

On this model Mitsubishi Motors engines of power series 47 kW, 102 kW and 130 kW were installed. The millennium was marked by the development of the model D22, connected with some modifications. During the finalization of the power unit variants, two new diesel engines with a working volume of 2.4 liters with a power of 76 kW and 180 kW, respectively, were added. Later, a 98-kilowatt diesel unit with a working volume of 2.5 liters was added, which from that time became the standard for the D22.

From 2007 until now: the third generation (NP300 / D22 Facelift II)

The third generation of Nissan Pickup appeared on the market in the spring of 2007, first in Turkey, and then in the UK under the name Nissan NP300 Pickup. In the summer of 2008 the car appeared in Spain and in South Africa. However, since this is only about external and minor technical modifications of the D22 model after the first modification of the model, the successor model is often called “D22 Facelift II”. The 98-kilowatt diesel engine remained standard for the third generation, the novelty was the lockable differential rear axle mechanism.

As variants of the power plant, for the NP300 there are two diesel engines: one with a power of 63 kW with a working volume of 2.7 liters and one with a power of 76 kW with a working volume of 3.2 liters. The drive of the top model was, on the contrary, a 110-kilowatt petrol engine with a working volume of 2.4 liters. Already two years after the official start of sales in the UK, the NP300 was again removed from the supply program to the UK. As NP300, Nissan Pickup is currently sold only in Kenya and Mexico. In some eastern countries the model is also still relevant, but the technical base is all the same generation D22.

In this review we want to tell you about the Nissan Pickup 2003. See photos and video of Nissan Pickup 2003, leave your comments about this car.

Pictures of Nissan Pickup 2003

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