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Opel Kadett 2014

In this review we want to tell you about the Opel Kadett 2014. See photos and video of Opel Kadett 2014, leave your comments about this car.Opel Kadett 2014 photo - 1

Opel Kadett 2014 photo - 2

Opel Kadett 2014 photo - 3

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  1. I had a Kadett C sedan 4 doors, given by my uncle, in the early 80’s. I probably would have loved it if it was a city 3 doors, but not a sedan.
    I hated the totally under-powered engine, old 60-70 style motor. While Toyota and other Asian brands offered front wheel, 12 & 16 valves with 5 & 6 gears.
    I loved the style for the C & D Kadett but what a shame for their engines. I understood they (GM) had to change the name as it was no longer the smallest car in the Opel family, but why Astra from Vauxhall as we all know the British auto industry was the worst at that period with many strikes and quality isues

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