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Ora electric cars will appear on the Russian market

The Great Wall Motor Corporation is already represented in Russia by the Haval, GWM and Tank brands, and now the fourth brand has been announced. The Ora division was created in 2018 specifically for passenger electric vehicles, and they are already sold in some European countries. The first model in Russia will be the compact hatchback Ora 03, as well as its variant Ora 03 GT with a sporty design.

In China, this electric car debuted in 2020 under the name Ora Haomao, and in Europe it is known as Ora Funky Cat, but a digital index was chosen for us (it is also used, for example, in Brazil). The five-door, made in retro style, is comparable in size to the Kia Soul or Suzuki Vitara parquet: 4235 mm in length, 1825 mm in width and 1603 mm in height. The wheelbase is 2650 mm, and the ground clearance is 135 mm, because there is a traction battery under the floor. In tests under the Euro NCAP rules, such an Ora earned a maximum of five stars for safety.

In the cabin there is a retro steering wheel with two spokes, on which many physical keys are placed, and on the center console there is a block with four toggle switches, reminiscent of Mini cars. Two dashboard and media system screens (10.25 inches each) are combined into one capless panel. A washer on the central tunnel, like the Haval Jolion crossover, is responsible for controlling the transmission.

For Russia, only one modification has been announced, which has an electric motor with a capacity of 171 hp installed on the front axle. The specified power reserve on one charge is “up to 500 km” without specifying the cycle. In the Chinese range, there are just versions of Haomao with a passport range of 501 km on the CLTC cycle, they have a traction battery with a capacity of 57.7 kWh. Acceleration to 100 km/h should take 7.6 seconds, the maximum speed is 150 km/h. The chassis of the zero-third is simple: McPherson struts in front and a semi-independent beam in the rear.

Sales in Russia should begin before the end of autumn, but the configuration and prices have not yet been announced, and the dealer network has not yet been formed. However, the car will definitely not be cheap. In China, the Ora Haomao in the version with a large battery and a range of 501 km costs from 155800 yuan, excluding subsidies. Even with a direct transfer at the current exchange rate, this is 2.1 million rubles, and taking into account delivery, customs clearance and other costs, it will be noticeably more. By the way, in Germany such an Ora costs at least 39 thousand euros.

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