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Pagani Imola Roadster Hypercar: The Swan Song Of The Huayra Model

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The Huayra hypercar, which appeared in 2011, became the second model of Horatio Pagani, replacing the legendary Pagani Zonda. It would seem that a year ago the third model was presented — the Pagani Utopia coupe. However, Huayra is still in no hurry to retire! Another variety of it is presented — Pagani Imola Roadster.

The original Imola appeared three years ago: despite the separate name, it is only a modification of the Wire. The coupe, built only in six copies (five commodity plus one personally for Horatio Pagani) and named after the legendary Italian circuit, was essentially a racing car allowed on public roads. Imola boasted a developed aerodynamic body kit and a boosted AMG V12 6.0 turbo engine with a recoil of 838 hp and 1100 Nm. To facilitate the car, a special “light” paint for the body was used, among other things. The result was an impressive 1,246 kg of dry weight.

Pagani Imola

The new Pagani Imola Roadster model is not just an open version of that three—year-old coupe. When creating the roadster, many solutions were used, tested on the Huayra R track hypercar, which appeared after the basic Imola — in 2021. For example, based on the “erka”, the aerodynamic tail has been redesigned — in particular, the side fairings.

Pagani Huayra R

Especially the giant rear diffuser in the full width of the car and the side “fins”, which are also wing struts, stand out. Although these elements have moved to the roadster from the basic Pagani Imola coupe. At a speed of 280 km/h, the tail is capable of creating a downforce equivalent to 600 kg.

In the manufacture of the chassis, materials Carbo-Titanium HP62-G2 and Carbo-Triax HP62 (that is, a mixture of carbon fiber and titanium) were used, and Acquarello Light coating was used for painting, which allowed to gain another 5 kg. Carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes are designed to provide effective braking at such speeds. The wheels are shod in Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS tires specially designed for hyperdusters. Peak accelerations can reach 2.2g — both in turns and during braking.

Like the coupe, the Imola Roadster has an AMG V12 6.0 turbo engine, but a little more powerful — 850 hp. Torque is the same 1100 Nm in the range from 3600 to 5600 rpm. This mighty engine is paired with a seven-speed sequential transmission Xtrac. As a result, the roadster with a dry weight of 1260 kg is able to accelerate to a speed of 350 km / h (electronically limited). Acceleration time to “hundreds” is not reported.

In total, eight Pagani Imola Roadster hypercars will be built, and each of them will be unique, because a wide individualization is provided by the forces of the Pagani Grandi Complicazioni division.

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